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Weil Preparatory School & Weil Tennis Academy…a perfect match!

At Weil, our Academic and Training Programs are a perfect match: we provide our student-athletes with the critical training time they need to train and compete year-round, as well as the most efficient use of their academic time, setting our students up for a successful college tennis, academic and scholarship opportunity!

Academy Director, Mark Weil

Weil Academy student athletes enjoy a laugh in the classroom. Weil boarding school is a private, college preparatory school in Ojai CA near Los Angeles and San Diego.

Weil Academy student athletes enjoy study hall outside near the campus tennis courts in Ojai CA near Los Angeles and San Diego.

Motivated Learners + Globally Minded Teachers =

Unique Enrichment Experiences

Since 1997, Weil Academy and College Preparatory School has offered its community of highly motivated and diverse student-athletes from around the world a unique, dynamic and challenging learning environment. Weil’s special blend of International and U.S. students interact with our globally-minded teaching faculty to create an exciting campus and dynamic educational envi-ronment. Our student-athletes bring their diverse world views, cultures, traditions, languages, religions and cuisines to the classroom everyday, making for an authentic and youthful “united nations” experience at Weil!

International Students who need help learning english get special attention and personalized les-son plans to prepare them for success in a US college while at Weil Boarding School and Tennis Academy in Ojai CA near Los Angeles and San Diego.

Weil Academy student athletes enjoy the Southern California lifestyle on and off the court, they become friends and learn to compete as members of the same team as they travel to tourna-ments every weekend. Here five Weil students from three states Mexico and Brazil have fun on the tennis courts in Ojai CA at Weil Academy near Los Angeles and San Diego.

Weil’s Pillars of Academic Success

The success of our Boarding School is due to our faculty and staff who embody our institutional values of respect, trust, tolerance, passion and fun. We work hard to spark intellectual curiosity, develop critical and independent thinking. We foster peer support and teamwork as our tennis players strive for excellence on and off the court. Weil Academy helps each student to achieve their highest level of college preparedness possible. Without exception, our graduates arrive at college ready to succeed at the most demanding institutions in America.


Weil College Preparatory School offers our elite student-athletes a concise weekly class schedule of AP, Honors and College Prep classes designed to be efficient and effective academic preparation in a highly demanding, WASC accredited & UC Approved private school for our U.S. and International students (Grades 7 – 12). With smaller classes (average class size of 8 students) and a more personal, highly focused educational environment, Weil’s student-athletes receive the support they need to achieve admission into the most competitive U.S. Colleges and Universities to study and play for the college tennis team. Our attention to English Language Development (for our International Student-athletes) blended with our focus on college preparation makes Weil College Prep the perfect launching pad for Weil’s elite student-athletes!


  • Over 400 Weil Graduates placed in top U.S. Universities on scholarship including Stanford, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Brown, Colgate, UC Berkeley, Duke, Rice and many more.
  • University of California A-G approved College Preparatory, Honors and AP Courses.
  • Fully Accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)
  • Average SAT score of 1280 and ACT score of 28.
  • Students attend classes on Weil Academy Campus from 8:30AM to 12:15PM Monday through Thursday Mornings.
  • Flexible schedules allow our students the critical time they need to train and compete all year round.
  • Student Visas (F-1) for International Students.
  • Short-term, Independent Study contracts are available for Weil players who must travel to National and International Tournaments that fall on school days.
  • Boarding students are required to attend monitored study halls Sunday – Wednesday nights on the Weil Campus.
  • Weil School Administration assists families in coordinating additional tutoring support for their child.
  • SAT Prep Class specifically focused for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.
  • Weil Prep School works hand in hand with Weil College Placement Program to place 100% of Weil Student-Athletes into NCAA colleges and universities, mostly on scholarship.


6:450AM – 8:00AM
7:55AM – 12:09PM
Academic Classes
12:00PM – 1:15PM
1:15PM – 5:00PM
Tennis Training/Fitness Training
5:00PM – 6:15PM
7:00PM – 9:00PM
Study Hall
Lights Out


English JH, English 1, English 2 (H), English 3 (H, AP), English 4 (H, AP)
Grammar & Literature, Adv. Comp & Lit (H)
Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 (H), Geometry (H), Algebra 2/Trigonometry (H), Pre-Calculus (H),
Calculus (H, AP), Calculus BC (AP), Statistics (H, AP)
Natural & Physical Science
Life Science, Earth Science (H), Biology Lab (H, AP), Chemistry (H, AP), Physics (H, AP)
Social Science
US History 8, World Geography (H, AP), US History 3 (H, AP), Government (H, AP), Economics (H)
Fine Arts
Film and Video
World Languages
Spanish 1 (H), Spanish 2 (H)
Physical Education
Tennis, Fitness