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Becoming a Champion takes more than just on court training. Weil Players receive a customized “high performance” training program combining an intensive individualized tennis program with a tennis-specific fitness program. We add a Mental Fitness Program plus an International Coaching Staff that travels with our players to tournaments, video analysis, challenging drills and lots of match play in a winning environment! The result is the best all around training program for competitive juniors in the United States!

The Weil Tennis Academy provides our players with the best academic options of any academy in the world in our fully accredited Weil College Preparatory School. Every player at Weil is prepared to succeed at the appropriate collegiate level, if college tennis is their goal. If professional tennis is the goal, flexible weekly class schedules to allow maximum training opportunities, and independent study contracts allowing for extensive tournament travel, are available for each player. Every training day is coordinated and maximized with a player's academic schedule.

Our players and their families are focused first on college tennis preparation and college placement. At Weil, the goal for each of our players is to gain admission, study and play college tennis at the most prestigious American Universities attainable.

The Weil Tennis Academy and College Preparatory School offers full-time and short-term boarding and non-boarding programs throughout the year.

For more information on how to apply, please e-mail our Admissions Director at enrollment@weiltennis.com or call (805) 640-3403. 

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