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In the past 24 years, Weil’s Placement Program has achieved:

100% College Placement of Weil Graduates, with 85% on Scholarship.

Over 400 Weil Graduates placed in top-ranked US Colleges and Universities.

Over $25,000,000 Million Dollars in Scholarships for Weil Graduates.

#1 Rated College Placement Program of any Academy in the world.

“Over the past 24 years, Weil has achieved more success in placing their students into distinguished American Colleges & Universities than any other tennis academy in the world.”

Mark Weil, Academy Founder & Director

Weil College Placement Program Includes:

  • Full College Placement Counseling: this process begins with Academy Director Mark Weil, Head Coach Mohamed Badran and our CPP Team researching and identifying the best matches for your child for college academics and college tennis, and ends with each student’s Admission into their top choice for college, likely on scholarship!
  • College Video : Shoot and Edit full College Video at Weil with drills and point play.
  • Compose Student’s “First Contact” Introductory Email to College Coaches.
  • Weil Staff communicates with prospective college coaches & arranges a first phone call with our student.
  • Schedule and coordinate student’s College Visits.
  • Guidance for our students for all email & phone call communication with College Coaches.
  • College Scholarship Negotiation.
  • Showcase players to college coach at the Academy whenever possible
  • Strategy on SAT, ACT and TOEFL Preparation and Testing.
  • High school transcript review for High School Graduation and NCAA Eligibility.
  • Registration assistance with NCAA Eligibility Profile.
  • Research Admissions Requirements and Tennis Levels for top colleges.
  • Assist with College Applications, Essays and Recommendation Letters.
  • Design Optimum tournament and training schedule for college tennis preparation & success.

Weil College Placement Program offers an unparalleled, comprehensive package of services
to ensure our students the best possible college placement and scholarship!

Weil Grad Haruna Tsuruta (JPN) Commits to Div 1 Gonzaga Univsersity On Full Scholarship!

Weil Grad Fernando Fonseca ( BRA) commits to Div 1 California Poly University On Scholarship!

It is not only about placing our student-athletes in the very best US Colleges & Universities; it’s about finding the best college for each individual student.  As an example of our program’s commitment to develop each player to their highest academic and tennis excellence, we have placed a Weil student at an Ivy League College each of the past 4 years ( Harvard, Cornell, Columbia and Dartmouth).

Coach Billy Martin with Head Coach Mohamed Badran and Academy Director Mark Weil at the Academy.

Weil exposes all of our players to US College Campuses to meet College Coaches as well as to watch College Tennis Matches!

“I’ve coached players who attended Weil and heard what a great job Mark, Coach Mo, and their staff have done here for many, many years. My son was ready and really wanted to focus on his tennis and achieve his goal of playing college tennis. Our experience with the Weil Academy has been A-plus and I would highly recommend it to any parent considering sending their child to Weil to focus on his or her tennis and place them in a great college. It’s really a no-brainer, and I thank Mark so much.”

Billy Martin, UCLA Men’s Tennis Head Coach

 *Coach Martin’s son Wil enrolled at Weil for his Senior year of high school and we placed Wil
at NCAA Div 1 St. Mary’s University in San Francisco on scholarship!

Weil Academy Special Relationships

Weil Academy has fostered special relationships with collegiate tennis coaches like UCLA Men’s Head Coach Billy Martin.
Coach Martin’s son Wil attended Weil Academy during his senior year of high school.


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