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Weil’s High Performance Training Program is focused on developing competitive tennis players into champions. Our players and coaches work together as a TEAM to create the most exciting training and developmental environment of any academy in the world. Whether your goal is to play college tennis on scholarship, professional tennis on the tour, or you simply want to become the best player you can be – Weil Tennis Academy has a great program for you.

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In the past 19 years, Weil has combined the most effective training elements to achieve high performance development and winning results from each player. 

Critical elements of Weil’s Championship Training Program include:

These are just a few of the elements, which set Weil’s program apart from any other academy in the world. Your player is exposed to winning at the highest junior, collegiate and professional levels. We teach and motivate our players to reach for their best tennis each time they step onto the court.

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Weil has top national and international players training at the academy year-round. Our High Performance Training Program attracts players from around the world who want to train in a challenging team environment alongside other motivated players who want to improve their results. If you are training in a region where you are the best player and have outgrown your competition, Weil is right for you. 

Weil players develop faster than players in any other academy because Mark Weil and his coaching staff are dedicated to making critical improvements in each player’s game. A combination of individual attention, small group instruction, match play and tournament travel gives Weil players the edge they need to achieve their highest level of tennis potential.

Weil’s Fitness Team creates individualized programs for each player, which combine strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, balance and speed, which translates into more explosive and efficient movements on the court. Our fitness staff closely monitors each player’s progress to ensure maximum improvement in all areas of fitness. Finally, we cross-train weekly in various disciplines such as basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, swimming and volleyball to broaden our players’ athletic abilities. Weil players develop the send that they are in better condition than their opponents, which gives our players the competitive edge they need to win.

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Weekly Training Schedule: 

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Morning Training Session with 1 hour of fitness

1:15 – 4:00 PM – Afternoon Training Session

4:00 – 5:00 PM – Individual Attention / Afternoon Fitness Session for Players with AM School

*Tennis training sessions include:  activation, match play (singles & doubles) & situational point play, tactics, movement & shot selection drills, individual attention.

5:00 – 7:00 PM – Private Lessons 

Tournament Schedule & Travel:

Academy Director Mark Weil and Weil’s international coaching staff design an individualized tournament schedule for each player and then travel with our players to over 90% of the tournament competitions locally, nationally and internationally. No other academy commits to the total development of its players this way. Since Weil only accepts players who love to compete, our support and design pays off for every player. A typical schedule includes national, international (ITFs), So Cal Designated, Open and Satellite tournaments. Our comprehensive schedule helps our players develop in to competitive champions who value the importance of winning.

Report Card
Since 1997 Weil produced:

350+ Players Placed in NCAA College Tennis
Over $20,000,000 in College Scholarships
10 NCAA All Americans
6 NCAA Team Champions
1 NCAA Individual Champion
4 PAC 12 Champions
100+ National & ITF Champions
1 Wimbledon Jr. Champion
2 U.S. Open Jr. Champions
2 French Open Jr. Champions
3 Orange Bowl Jr. Champions
6 Eddie Herr Champions
20+ Professional Champions
4 Players Top 100 ATP/WTA



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