High Performance


Weil's high performance training program is focused on developing competitive players into champions. Our players and coaches work together as a TEAM to create the most exciting training and developmental environment of any academy in the country.

If your goal is to play for a great college tennis program on scholarship, or you are reaching for the professional tour or you simply want to become the best player you can be, the Weil Tennis Academy has a great program for you.

Ashley Dai

Ashley DAi
Top 10 US G14s
2008 Winter Nationals
Doubles Champion

Gail Brodsky
Top 20 ITF
2007 Easter Bowl Champion
Grigor Dimitrov
Top 10 ITF
2006 Orange Bowl Champion

Anna Orlik
Top 30 ITF
2009 ITF Jalisco, Mexico Champion



Weil has combined the most effective training elements together to achieve high performance development and winning results
from each player.

All of these and more set Weil's program apart from any other academy in the country. Your player is exposed to winning at the highest junior, collegiate and professional levels. We teach and motivate our players to reach for their best tennis each time we take them onto the courts.



Ksenia Milevskaya (L)
Top 5 ITF
2007 Jr. US Open
Doubles Champion

Monica Turewicz
Top 5 US G16s
2009 ITF Jalisco, Mexico
Doubles Champion

This is Weil's big attraction for players who want to train with the best. Weil consistently has young professional, as well as, Top National and International players training at the academy year round. Our High Performance Training Program attracts players from around the world who want to train in a challenging team environment with other motivated players who want to improve their results. If you are training in an area where you are the best player and have outgrown your competition, Weil is right for you.


Weil players develop faster than players at any other academy because Mark Weil and his Coaching Staff give each player whatever time they need to make critical improvements to their game. Individual attention combined with small group instruction and match play coaching gives Weil players the highest level of attention of any academy in the country. If individual attention is what you're missing - our Weil coaches give it their all - they work with each student one-on-one throughout the daily program and are also available for private individual instruction for that extra push to get to the next level!


The Weil Tennis Academy's Fitness Program combines an individualized weight training program with extensive flexibility work to increase player's core strength and balance. The agility, speed training and endurance training workouts are designed to provide players with a more explosive and efficient movement to each ball.

                                                                                            Fitnesss Director Trains with Players

                                                                                                   Weil Fitness Director,Patrick Muller,
                                                                                                         trains with academy players

Our fitness staff closely monitors each player's progress to insure optimum improvement in critical areas of fitness: agility, explosive power, endurance, balance and core strength, flexibility and overall body strength. Finally, we cross train weekly in different disciplines, such as basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, swimming and volleyball, to broaden the player's athletic abilities. Weil players develop the sense that they are in better condition than their opponents, which gives our players the competitive edge they need to win.



Player Activation
Clay Court Training

Morning: 9AM - 12PM

Activation, Fitness, Drills, Match Play, Tactics and Individual Attention

Afternoon: 1:15 - 4:00PM

Activation, Training Groups, Movement and Shot Selection Drills, Speed Work and Agility, Singles and Doubles Match Play and Situational Point Play

4:00 - 5:00PM

Individual Attention and Fitness

5:00 - 6:00 PM

Private Lessons

                                                TOURNAMENT TRAVELING AND SCHEDULING

Rebecca Marino

Academy Director Mark Weil and Weil's International Coaching Staff design an individualized tournament schedule for each player and then travel with our players to over 90% of the tournament competitions locally, nationally and internationally. No other academy commits to the total development of its players in this way. And because Weil only accepts players who love to compete, our support and design pays off for every player. A typical schedule includes National, International, ITF Southern California Designated, Open and Satellite Tournaments. Our comprehensive schedule helps our players develop into competitive champions who value the importance of winning tournaments.







The Weil Tennis Academy is located adjacent to and has full access to the Ojai Valley Athletic Club, a 10-acre, world-class, tennis training facility. The facility has 22 tennis courts, 18 hard court and 4 clay courts. The facility also boasts two full gyms, a lap pool, recreation pool, sauna, Jacuzzis, lighted basketball court, beach volleyball court, yoga, spinning, pilates and aerobic classes that are all fully available to our players. No other academy can offer their players such a wide variety of quality classes to enhance their development.

        The Ojai Valley Athletic Club's many amenities add to the total development of Weil players.




Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson

Exposing our players to the highest professional and college levels in the world is a staple of Weil's programming.

Trips to the Indian Wells Masters Series, the PAC 10 Men's and Women's Conference Championships, the NCAA Women's All American, college matches and campuses like Stanford, Berkeley, USC, UCLA and Pepperdine are the highlights of each players year at Weil. We visit with the very best in college coaches such as Peter Wright of Berkeley, Richard Gallien and Peter Smith at USC, Billy Martin and Stella Sampras at UCLA and many, many more! Our commitment to expose our players to the thrills of college and professional competition is unsurpassed and our players benefit immensely.

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