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Weil Class of 2017

Weil Tennis Academy & College Preparatory School graduated its largest class in 20 years! Weil Seniors pictured from Left to Right:
Julianna Johnson, Canada (North Carolina Wesleyan College); Fidan Khalilzade, Azerbaijan (Wagner College); Suraj Mahtani, Hong Kong (Skidmore College); Emilio Monroy, Mexico (Seattle Univ.); Santiago Berron, Mexico (Monterrey Institute of Technology); Marc Hayashi, USA (Lewis & Clark College); Julien Wolfe, USA; Michael Chen, China (College of William & Mary); Chris Grasel, Brazil (Boston College); Eduardo Villalpando, Mexico (Niagara Univ.); Alexis Alvarez, Mexico (Univ. of Washington); Nima Movassaghi, USA (Saint Mary's College); Peter Huang, China (Univ. of Rochester); Connor Reardon, USA (Univ. of Portland); David Bogatin, USA (Boston Univ.); Hazuki Ogino, Japan (Ashland Univ.); Seira Shimizu, Japan (Purdue Univ.); Mana Koitabashi, Japan (Univ. of Northern Colorado); Nadine Del Carmen, USA (Santa Clara Univ.); Hana Granillo, USA (La Salle Univ.); Lola Gorbacheva, USA (UC San Diego); Kate McMahon, USA (Univ. of Louisiana-Lafayette); Madison Wolfe, USA (Univ. of Akron); and Anastasiya Redkina, Belarus (Whitman College). Photo Credit:  Betina La Plante. 



Weil Tennis Academy provides our players with the best academic options of any academy in the world. Every player at Weil is prepared to succeed at the appropriate collegiate level, if college tennis is their goal. If professional tennis is the goal, flexible weekly class schedules to allow maximum training opportunities, and independent study contracts allowing for extensive tournament travel, are available for each player. Every training day is coordinated and maximized with a player's academic schedule.

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Weil College Preparatory School offers a high quality, fully accredited private school education option for our US and International students (Grades 7 – 12) who want their child to learn in a smaller, more personal educational environment. Small class sizes, more individualized schedules, a focus on English Language Development and top college placement, combined with a highly qualified teaching staff make Weil College Preparatory School a great choice for your child. Weil College Prep’s flexibility with each student’s schedule allows our players to train and travel to continue their development as players while maintaining a quality education in preparation for enrollment into top US universities such as:  UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Brown, Stanford and many more! Weil also offers Student Visas (F-1) for our International Students that are valid for all years of study at Weil.

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7:45AM - 12:15PM
Academic Classes
12:15 - 1:15PM
1:15 - 5:00PM
Tennis Training/Fitness Training
5:00 - 7:30PM
Private Lessons/Dinner/Free Time
7:30 - 9:30PM
Study Hall
10:30PM Lights Out


English English 8, Grammar & Literature, Adv. Grammar & Literature, English 9, English 10 (CP,H), English 11 (CP,H), English 12 (C,H,AP)   
Mathematics Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry (CP,H), Algebra 2/Trigonometry (CP,H), Pre-Calculus (CP,H), Calculus (CP,H,AP)
ELD Basic Reading, Basic Writing, Conversational English
Natural Science Earth Science, Biology Lab (CP,H), Chemistry (CP,H), Physics (CP,H,AP)
Social Science US History 8, World Geography, World History (CP,H,AP), US History (CP,H,AP), Government (CP,H,AP), Economics (CP,H)
Fine Arts
Film and Video
World Languages
Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3/4, French 1, French 2, French 3/4
Physical Education     
Tennis, Fitness, Nutrition, Health

This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non immigrant alien students; I-20 Form is available for qualified international students. F-1 students must enroll in a full course of study each term. A full course of study is defined by SEVP as a curriculum at an approved public or private academic high school which is certified by a designated school official to consist of class attendance for not less than the minimum number of hours a week prescribed by the school for normal progress toward graduation (8 CFR 214.2 (f) (6) (E)).

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