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Weil Preparatory School Faculty

The success of our Boarding School is due to our amazing faculty and staff who embody our institutional values of respect, trust, tolerance, passion,   excellence and fun. We work hard to spark intellectual curiosity, and develop critical and independent thinking. We foster peer support and teamwork as our student-athletes strive for excellence on and off the court. Without exception, our Weil graduates arrive at college ready to succeed at the most demanding institutions in America.

The success of our Boarding School is due to our amazing faculty and staff who embody our institutional values of respect, trust, tolerance, passion,   excellence and fun. We work hard to spark intellectual curiosity, and develop critical and independent thinking. We foster peer support and teamwork as our student-athletes strive for excellence on and off the court. Without exception, our Weil graduates arrive at college ready to succeed at the most demanding institutions in America.

Emily Oakland

School Principal

Emily Oakland was born and raised in Ojai, California. She attended Occidental College in Los Angeles where she majored a B.A. in English and Comparative Literary Studies. She is currently working on her M.Ed. with a focus in School Leadership through the University of San Diego.

She has been a member of the Weil teaching faculty since Fall 2016 and teaches Earth Science, World Geography, Algebra 1 and English 2. Within the classroom, she works to cultivate each student as empathetic, critical-thinking and academically focused individuals who contribute positively to the classroom community. She believes that learning is a lifelong process and hopes to instill a love of learning within her students.

Varre Cummins

Vice Principal / Multiple Subjects Teacher

Varre Cummins is the principal teacher at Weil College Preparatory School where he teaches Mathematics, Physics and Video/Film Production. Varre completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Physics, a Standard Secondary Credential and Master of Arts degree in Educational Curriculum and Instruction from Chapman College. In addition, he has a Master of Divinity degree from San Anselmo Seminary.

He taught at Hueneme High School in Oxnard, CA, for 40 years, taught AP Physics, Statistics and Calculus on-line for 12 years and served as an Associate Pastor for 17 years. He has a background in computer programming, Video Production and Vocal music.

He has served on and chaired more than 20 accreditation visits for with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and provided Educational Management Consulting services for numerous public and private schools. His educational philosophy is that every student needs to explore the depth and width of his/her potential and be challenged to always explore beyond her/his comfort zone.

Natalie Mayer

Math & Science Teacher

Natalie Mayer is originally from Ventura, California. She attended the University of California Davis, earning a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. While attending Davis, Natalie worked in a local health care clinic, sold local produce at farmer’s markets, and completed two education internships assisting in schools in the Davis area.

After graduating, Natalie worked for a non-profit, supporting middle-school aged girls from underprivileged communities in the Santa Barbara area. There, she taught environmental science and facilitated leadership activities to encourage young girls to pursue higher-education and careers in STEM.

Credentials: BA in Biological Sciences from UC Davis

Patrick Praetorius

History & Social Science Teacher

Patrick Praetorius is the history/social science teacher for Weil Prep. Patrick studied a wide range of disciplines at Whittier College, where he received his undergraduate degree in English. After that, he earned his master’s degree in education and teaching credential from The Claremont Graduate University. He has taught in public and private schools in the Southern California area since 1988.

Patrick says, “In my mind, education is the key to a successful, rewarding, and happy life. I believe that learning never stops for the individual. I take personal satisfaction from knowing that I am helping the Weil students to reach their goals. If by being their teacher I have helped them learn how to learn, and develop a love for learning, I feel very gratified. History and social studies are a passion for me, and I am excited to share in the learning exploration of these topics with the Weil students!”

When he is not teaching, Patrick enjoys attending lectures, concerts, and the theater. He also has a passion for communing with nature in such ways as hiking and cycling and camping with his family.

Sandra Stub

Language Arts Teacher

Sandi Stub has been teaching English Literature at Weil College Preparatory School since 2012. She began her teaching career in 1988 at an elementary school near Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Over half of her students did not speak English. This led her to develop a classroom setting that covered an array of course work with the goal for students to acquire the English language in the process. After teaching there for three years Sandi moved to San Francisco and was hired by Burlingame Middle School as the Director of ELL (English Language Learning). Her classroom was made up of students from all over the world: sixteen different countries speaking thirteen different languages. After her first year she was voted by the students as the Teacher who Assigns the Most Homework, however, ironically, students also voted her to receive the Favorite Teacher Award. This reflects Sandi's dedication to instill that a strong work ethic has a myriad of positive results.

Sandi transitioned soon thereafter to teach English Literature and has not turned back ever since. "There is so much that lies within a book. The literary timeline is based upon historical events and ideologies that enhances not only students' knowledge, but helps them to formulate their own look on life."

Sandi earned her Bachelor's degree in Sociology at the University of California Santa Barbara. She attained her multiple subject credential at San Diego State University, her CLAD (Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development) Certificate while working in Los Angeles, and a second teaching credential and Master's degree in Mild to Moderate Special Education at San Francisco State University.

Sandi enjoys being active outside of the classroom. Gardening, hiking, and engaging in a variety of art projects are part of her daily routine.

David Edwards

Math Teacher

David grew up in Southern California and spent most of his youth playing baseball and riding motorcycles. This was significant because this is where he picked up his interest in statistics, physics, and math. After earning an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Industrial Arts, he worked in management for Lamborghini of North America. Eventually, he was drawn toward education and earned a master’s degree in mathematics and started a thirty-plus year career teaching at local boarding high schools. This is his first year at Weil Academy.

David’s favorite part of teaching is getting to know each student, discovering his/her thought process, and working to find ways to help students to learn. Although he has taught the same topics for many years, it has never been exactly the same because each student is different. And, self-servingly, this is what keeps David feeling young and alert.

In addition to his three thirty-ish kids, Papa Davie has a grandson and a granddaughter on the way. He and his wife run a jewelry design and production shop, and they very much enjoy watching birds with their three dogs.

Aleta Anderson

Spanish Teacher

Aleta Anderson has a long experience of teaching. She hold’s a master’s degree in Spanish and in German. She has taught at Westmont College, University of California Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara City College.

She Moved to Michigan and taught German and Spanish for 15 years, as well as being Department head at Grand Rapids Community College.

She moved back to Santa Barbara after retiring to be close to her daughter. She resided in Ojai and is delighted to be on Staff of Weil College Preparatory Academy.
Aleta can be reached at

Karen Quezada

Admissions & Managing Director

Karen was born and raised in Ojai, CA and attended Nordhoff High School where she competed in various sports such as: track and field, basketball, and soccer. She studied abroad in Mexico for 2 years where she worked on perfecting her writing and communication skills in her first language, Spanish. In 2015, she graduated from Chaparral High School, and continued to study business at Ventura College.

She began her journey with Weil Academy in 2016 and enjoys working with a diverse group of student-athletes and colleagues. Outside of the office, Karen enjoys all decorative and functional crafting activities such as: macramé, painting, paper crafts, and jewelry making. She most enjoys exploring the Ojai Valley trails with her family and dog.

Ben Irie

Dean of Students

Ben serves as the Dean of Students at Weil Academy. Originally from Cleveland, OH, Ben studied music and musicology at Kenyon College and Indiana University. With over thirteen years of experience in boarding school education, Ben joined the Weil team in 2010 after stints at Olney Friends School (OH), Andrews Osborne Academy (OH), and The Bolles School (FL), where he served in various capacities as a teacher and student affairs administrator.

What Ben loves most about Weil is working with a student body that values hard work on and off the court and that supports each other on a daily basis. In his free time, Ben enjoys cooking, eating Zankou Chicken, and exploring the hiking trails of Southern California and the Central Coast with his wife and two children, Henry and Beecher.


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