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Academy Director Mark Weil announced that eight of his seniors signed early for college this Fall, the largest group of Early Signings in Weil’s 19 year-history.

Pictured from Left to Right: Academy Director Mark Weil, Vid Yadav, USA (Bates College), Fabian Soemarno, Indonesia (University of Oregon), Zoe Speaker, USA (Villanova University), Joy Li, China (Carleton College), Haruna Tsuruta, Japan (Gonzaga University), Andres Reyes, Mexico (University of Arizona), Adrian Alvarez-Sanabria, Mexico (Seattle University), Isaiah Volk, USA (George Mason University), and Weil Head Coach Mohamed Badran.

Most of Weil’s players will receive partial to full Athletic or Academic scholarships to attend their Colleges or Universities. Weil Academy places 100% of its 20 high school Seniors each year in top US Colleges to study and play college tennis, with over 85% of our students receiving scholarships.