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Weil Academy Head Coach Mohamed Badran heads to the BNP Paribas Open Masters Event with seven of Weil’s top players to Spar/Warm Up the ATP and WTA Players at Indian Wells.

“This is just a very special opportunity that our players get to really get to see the best in the world up close and personal,” said Weil Academy founder and director Mark Weil. “The boys will have the time of their young lives warming up the likes of Nadal, Djokovic, Halep, Muguruza, and many, many more!  Good Luck, Coach Badran and the Boys!”

Pictured from left to Right: Brandon Lam, Westlake CA;  Alexey Nesterov, Moscow, Russia (uncommitted); Alexis Alvarez, Uruapan, Mexico; Andres Reyes, Obregon, Mexico (Scholarship Univ. of Arizona); Chris Grasel, São Paulo, Brazil; Fabian Soemarno, Jakarta, Indonesia (Scholarship to Univ. of Oregon); Slava Shainyan, Moscow, Russia (Scholarship to UPENN – Ivy League) and Head Coach Mohamed Badran.