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The Weil Academy held its first annual NCAA College Team Championships with the University of Virginia capturing the title, 5-3, over the University of North Carolina.

A co-ed event with both boys and girls competing against each other, the tournament included eight teams representing schools such as Wake Forest, USC and UCLA.

“It’s was a great end of the year fun event,” said Weil Director Mark Weil. “We try to mirror what college kids have to go through at this time of year, because we were going through finals too. It’s a great college preparatory event for the students. Because the kids are forced to balance studying with a lot of fun and pressure on the tennis court.”

Weil said they played the Pac-12 Championships in December and it was such a huge hit they decided to do it in the spring to conclude the school year.

The winning Virginia team pictured below from left to right included: Haruna Tsuruta, Ace Wu, Assistant Coach Etienne Emanuel, Sean Pesin, Felipe Santos, Alexis Alvarez, Shotaro Iida, Lorena Rodriguez and Joel Hug