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The Weil Track Team competed in its first-ever meet in Santa Monica recently and the four runners posted some solid individual times against college-level competition.

It was a windy and chilly day, according to Weil Academy Track Coach Ed Italo, but that did not prevent the four track team members from all coming in with lifetime personal bests.

Angie Ruiz won her heat of the 400m in 1:02.52 and had the third fastest female time of the day out of 60 finishers. “Both women who had better times were in college,” Italo said.

Tess Edwards ran a 1:04.92, a personal best, to finish second to Ruiz in their heat and fifth overall.

Molly Harrold won her heat of the 400m in 1:07.82, a personal best, and finished ninth overall.

Claudia Adelman finished in third place in the second heat which had the two college girls who should have been in heat 1 with Ruiz. Adelman finished 11th overall with a respectabletime of 1:08.50.

Edwards then ran the 800m in 2:32.17 to place as the third fastest female overall out of 51 finishers. “It’ was not a personal best, but a monster double as she was first in the 400m then the 800m with only 30 minutes between races,” Italo said.

In the 200m, the girls really shined with Ruiz winning her heat in :27.50 and finished second overall out of 42 females. Adelman finished third in her heat in :28.56 a personal best, and 7th overall. Harrold finished 2nd in her heat with a :29.38 and 10th overall.

“It was a great start and notable because we only just started run training,” Italo said. “Up till now we’ve been doing general strength and conditioning.”

“All four of the girls had truly incredible results and it’s a great start for the Weil Track Team,” said Weil Academy Director Mark Weil. “We are proud of all the girls and look forward to more results like this in the future.”